UNI offers more than just financial solutions

UNI extends career opportunities to those interested in a fulfilling career with the freedom of building up their own business. If you have been looking for a career that gives you the freedom to work for yourself, on your own time, then UNI may be the company for you.

Agents will be working closely with families to help them and their children build a better financial future. All you need is the drive and desire to help others and yourself at the same time. Best of all, you don’t need a degree in financial services to start your career in this industry. UNI will provide intensive training to give all our agents the tools they need to succeed in this field. It all starts with your decision to join our team.


Build your business

Become a part of the UNI network with mentors providing critical know-how and full-time staff for support.


Be your own boss

As a financial professional with UNI, you set your own hours and make money based on your ability.


Be Proud

Financial professional help others by providing peace of mind and financial security for those in need.


Lifelong Employment

Financial professionals with UNI have the freedom to continue their careers as long as they wish.


Systematic Organization

Through its systematic organization, UNI provides financial professionals with every opportunity to succeed in this industry.


Financial Professional

Become a licensed professional and build your knowledge and network in this growing industry.

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UNI will let you know exactly how to win! Start part time or full time and take control of your life.

Who we are

One Stop Services

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing is a network of financial service professionals working together to help our clients realize a brighter future.

We are a financial services provider for life & health insurance, property & casualty insurance, long-term care coverage, Healthcare, mortgages, estate planning, college planning, retirement planning, and tax services. UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing contracts with financial leaders from around the globe to provide our clients with a selection of specifically designed financial products and services. 

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing has expanded its offices in 17 major US cities and one branch office in South Korea.

What we do

People don't need another product. They need the right education to choose the right plan.

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing understands that money is required to turn ambitions and dreams into reality. That is why we represent our clients as they go through the process of taking ownership of their own money and making it work for them. 

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing recognizes the importance of providing sound financial education to our clients. We offer our clients the "UNI Financial Blueprint" and its "Steps to Financial Independence" so they can gain a better understanding of fundamental financial concepts and make the right choices to improve their lives. 

Become a part of the UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing network. Just call 1-888-862-6354